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A Cryptid Most Foul


What an adventure!

Hey there everyone! I am finally home and it is good to be here. I missed my granola bars and roof. I hope you enjoyed the last cryptid hunt because I think I’m going to be taking a break from them for a while. It was exhausting and fun but ultimately I came back empty handed. Aside from the bits of footage you saw I didn’t get any solid evidence.

Maybe there’s more to this story than I’m giving it credit for but I’d like to know what you think? I’ve re-opened the applications for the forum. Not sure why they were closed down for a while but it’s fixed now! I’ve decided to stop screening the applications. Anyone and everyone can join!



Ok This is Serious

Battery getting low

I have a solar charger but what good is that if it’s so cloudy that no sun can get through? It feels like someone is watching me, all the time but I can’t get out of here. I’m worried. I’m starting to see the same shadow that she did, my source, but I don’t know how it’s here if it was with her at her house. How many places can it be?

I’m not waiting any longer. I’m going to try to get out.

Now there’s fog

getting a little nervous

The good news is I found my campsite. The bad news is my car now won’t start and I’m starting to think the entire mountain is the cryptid. It is so foggy I can’t risk hiking out or trying to drive out. Guess I camp out for another night

Going further into the mountains

A little lost

I didn’t want to risk getting shot on the off chance there were mountain hillbillies living on the property somewhere that I didn’t see so I left the ghost dog to its barking and got back in the car. I went up the mountain some to another location. The GPS was given to me by my source of information who had claimed to have encountered this potentially new cryptid gone digital so I wanted to check everything out while I was up here. There wasn’t much to see but I recorded the drive anyway.

A storm rolled in out of nowhere and I had to turn back. Rather than risk camping out another night I figured I would go back home. This is where it gets a little weird. As of posting this I can’t seem to find my camp site? I know exactly where I left it and how to get there but I can’t find it. The road hasn’t changed. So maybe I got turned around somehow, somewhere? Just glad I have reception up here, spotty though it is.

schrodinger’s dog

Weird stuff . . .

Ok, so tell me what you hear or see in this video. Or maybe what you DON’T hear or see. It takes a while to get there but once you hear it it’s pretty dang eerie. There was this dog barking in the MIDDLE of the mountains. I found some old property with abandoned buildings on it where the source of the barking was coming from, but there wasn’t a dog in sight. That is weird, especially since my source told me this was exactly what they heard before things got creepy for them. Creepy I can handle but when I went over my footage again there were strange glitches both visually and in the audio. I’ve NEVER had this happen before.

at the mountain

the hunt begins!

Alright, per all the instructions I have been told to veer off the path (you get a glimpse of the sign in the video) and go my own way. According to local legend, the cryptid comes out at night and is most active when the weather is cold. There was no explanation for why that is but if this is true then I am in prime cryptid hunting time. I know this creature could be dangerous, and I’m going to exercise every caution to avoid getting hurt.

If this is where I die, there could be worse places to be offed at right? I’m kidding. I have zero plans on dying here.

Anyway sorry for the short upload, the reception up here is touch and go but the higher I climb in elevation the better my reception will be. I brought all the stuff I need to camp out so I’m going to try and get to the camp spot before it gets dark, set up, and get ready for a weekend of cryptid hunting. On this mountain there’s rumors aplenty of what was once here and what remains. Whether or not that is true we’ll find out together.

Terry signing out.

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