Local Cryptid Sightings

They exist in YOUR neighborhood!

Have you seen a cryptid recently? We are here for you! Upload your pictures, your stories and tell us more.

  • Why? - Because we can.

  • No, really, why? - Because the world is a spooky place and the government would have you living in ignorance but we aren't about that life, we want you to open your eyes to the cryptids around you. Go out and hunt them. We encourage visitors and members alike to submit their GPS coordinates of cryptid sightings.

  • How many cryptids are there? - More than we know about, for sure.

  • Who runs this website? - What are you the feds?

  • Can we submit pictures of cryptids we've seen? - Absolutely! Just know that not every picture submitted will be posted in the gallery. We put submitted pictures through a rigorous process of debunking and analyzing them with software designed to tell if it's a fake or not.

  • How do i join? - To become a cryptid hunter and gain access to the forums just go here and fill out the form. Most applications are approved within 24 hours unless the web admin is out hunting cryptids.

  • Do I need a special license to go hunting? - Woah there cowboy or cowgirl or cowperson! We aren't actually hunting these wonderful creatures. Fact! Most cryptids are harmless and want to be left alone. Fact! They are living creatures. If you want to go hunting with a gun, do so on your own time during deer season or duck season or whatever season where you wear bright orange to warn the animals before you mercilessly slaughter Bambi's mom. You're the real monster here. We're hunters in the sense we are hunting for the truth, for proof and evidence. More scientist slash journalist than hunter. Yikes my friend.

  • How long have cryptids been around? - Since the beginning of time, our time as humans I mean.

  • Can cryptids talk? - Defer back to how many cryptids there are. Think about that. Obviously some of them could talk, some may not, others might not even have a mouth but maybe they speak into your brain. Join our website, go into the forums, read up on the cryptids and learn more for yourself.

  • Do you take donations? - Cryptid hunting can get expensive with the traveling, equipment, etc., so yeah we take donations.