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A Cryptid Most Foul

Home Again

I missed my bed

Ah it’s good to be home where my box of granola bars is within easy reach and the rain can’t touch me. Good ol’ roofs. They are a wonderful invention. Anyway I am home in case that isn’t clear and with reliable internet as well as a desktop to access the back-end of the website I can get back to perusing the applications and approving or declining at my leisure. There are a lot of really interesting people wanting to join the forum! I never thought that people would be so invested in cryptids, in talking about them, and in joining the community. I want to remind everyone of a few important things for when you go cryptid hunting:

  • Cryptids should only be hunted after extensive research.
  • Always have a first aid medical kit with you in case something goes wrong.
  • Have a cell phone to make emergency calls when you go hunting.
  • Try not to go alone, yeah I do it all the time but you are not me.
  • Pack plenty of granola bars
  • On a hunt

    Not much to report

    Sometimes a hunt goes well and is exciting and invigorating and leads you to a whole slew of amazing things and stuff! Other times you sit in the rain for a day or two, waiting for something to happen and nothing happens. That ’s how it goes, how the wind blows, and while I ’m happy to have come out here to do some investigating into cryptids. I do wish there was more to show for this time spent away.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained right? So I don ’t look at it as a loss so much as a get-way mini-vacation. Who doesn ’t like to spend their time off in the rain? Freezing cold. Without a granola bar in sight.

    Gone Hunting

    Time for another hunt.

    Now when I say hunt I mean going on an investigative hunt of the journalistic kind in which I gather evidence and hopefully get some footage of a cryptid I’m currently researching. Not hunt as in go out and shoot a living creature. You might not know this about Terry but I am a vegetarian. It’s cool if you’re not, but I don’t really like the idea of shooting down a cryptid let alone Bambi’s mom. There has been stories over the years that support the theory that some cryptids are of below average intelligence, some more like coral really, but there are also stories that support the notion of intelligent, sentient beings. So when I say hunt I mean an analytical sort of hunt.

    With that out of the way let me tell you all what to expect when I go hunting. The website may not see an update for a day or two, the blog will be quiet and any forum applications will be on hold until I get back to my computer and can look them over. I have already packed almost everything I need but this hunt is more than a short bike ride down the river so it may be a while before I get back to you. This particular hunt shouldn’t be too bad but there is no telling what could happen!

    Always tell a friend or family member where you’re going and how long you plan to be gone, especially if it is a hunt that goes into the wilderness. Safety first friends.

    CRYPTID 101

    What is a cryptid?

    There has been some discourse over the years about what qualifies as a cryptid and I’m here to tell you that cryptids are a funny sort of thing. They are hard to pin down and there are so many different types that you can’t count on one being alike another even if they both live in the same environment. A mermaid is nothing like the Memphre. You see where I’m going with this?

    While cryptids may seem to be supernatural or come across as not of this world, they are and some argue that ghosts or spirits aren’t of this world but if we believe they’re from deceased people then they were once upon a time of this world and I’ve used that phrase one too many times. Anyway all that is to say that you can never be too sure as to what qualifies as a cryptid or what is something supernatural like a haunting or possession versus what may just be a trick of the light. You have to be skeptical but smart about it. Cryptid hunting isn’t for the feint of heart.

    Welcome everyone!


    Like I mentioned in the last blog post, there has been a huge uptick in the number of people who are interested in cryptids and the visitors to the website. For that reason I have been working overtime in looking at the applications, accepting and declining and greeting all of our new cryptid hunters. Thank you everyone for showing interest in this website and what it stands for! I’m honored to have all of you here or something like that I don’t know don’t quote me on that.

    My bio on the side of the blog is about as much information as you’ll get from me publicly and that’s all you need. This blog is a way for me to share my experiences with the public and tell my stories. If that’s your thing then pull up a chair and get cozy. If it isn’t that’s cool, thanks for coming by. Now to get the introductions going I will tell you a pivotal thing about myself.

    The VermontChamp is the best cryptid. There I’ve said it and it’s off my chest. Let the cryptid wars begin.

    Cryptids Galore!

    Everyone loves cryptids

    There’s been a lot of interest lately in cryptids and cryptid related activities. I’m not sure where this all came from but I am happy to say that we have had a surge in membership here over the past few months. Not all were accepted but that doesn’t mean you should give up on becoming a member!

    This website is a safe space for all people to hang out, chat and talk about cryptids! We have that in common at least and maybe more. For those who don’t have access to the forums you’re welcome to explore my blog, read up on me and my experiences with cryptids and check out the gallery. It’s great to have you here regardless of whether you’re a member or not.

    About Me

    Hey there! Local cryptid hunter extraordinare. You may be asking, why did I make this website? Well, that's easy. To expose the truth of the mysterious world out there and look good doing it! Just kidding, you will never see my face. I don't trust the government and probably trust you even less. :) Thanks for being here, call me Terry.

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