Local Cryptid Sightings

They exist in YOUR neighborhood!

Have you seen a cryptid recently? We are here for you! Upload your pictures, your stories and tell us more.

Hello and welcome to Cryptids’R’Us! Your one stop shop for finding information out about cryptids and all that they do . My name is Terry, or you can call me Terry. It’s not my real name and if you’re going to join our forums you should pick an alias as well!

I suggest going to the FAQs page first. That will have most of your questions already answered. Otherwise be sure to check out my blog, follow my social media and apply to join our forums. You can learn all about cryptids, why we ‘hunt’ them and maybe more about yourself too. Zero tolerance for people who come in looking to start drama or be a jerk. We’re all people and if you got an issue with someone because of how they look, who they like or whatever then go find another website about cryptids. I run a tight ship here and if you don’t want to come aboard then that’s fine by me.

Be a jerk? Walk the plank.

I guess we’re pirates now with where these analogies are going.

Anyway read the pages, learn up about cryptids, submit your own sightings, solve the mystery of cryptid hunting!!!